Create a Book from Blog Content instantly with BookFabrik Web App

Blog can be used as a personal diary or some write about specific niche like Travel or Cooking Recipe or Random stories. This digital format publishing on Web can be converted into real book with desired cover design and graphics.

BookFabrik is cool online service which accesses blog content (whether it is Blogger / WordPress / Tumblr or Typepad based) and converts it into a book in no time.

Book so created is previewed and can be edited and modified as per need and can be downloaded in form of eBook that is in PDF format for free. Yes, Real Book can be ordered from the site for a price of 7.95 Euros.

How to transform Blog into Book

Select your Blogging platform and BookFabrik will ask for permission to access content. Your password is verified directly on your blogging site and they don’t see or store this information so no worries.


After logging, content is fetched and Proof Book is shown. Layout and Cover design can be edited as per your taste at this stage.

Personally, I liked this idea of transforming Blog into book. If you are not converting it into real book of paper pages. It is good idea to make ebook which can be read on any mobile device without data connectivity.

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