Create Custom Glassy Gadgets of Files and Folders on Windows 7 Desktop

If you are always busy trying out new customizations for your windows 7 desktop, then you must be familiar with gadgets. Desktop gadgets are small but looks beautiful and is equally helpful.

Are you are tired of using ready made gadgets or you are not finding the right gadget for you ? Then creating one for you will be good idea. i7FormsGlass is a free application that allows you to do so.

i7FormsGlass is extremely easy to use. It allows you to create custom glassy gadgets for files and folder. These are placed on your desktop. You can create the gadget with custom images of format ico, png and gif.

It also provides some beautiful ready made gadgets for your desktop like google search, clocks, image viewer etc. This application is still in it’s beta stage. Hence you may get error messages while trying to drag and resize the application. Just ignore the message and continue.

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