Create Customized Shortcuts to Windows Applications With TriX

Controlling Windows features and launching applications using hotkey combination is always easy and convenient rather than visiting each application’s location and opening them. TriX is just the right application that will allow you to do so.

TriX is an easy to use and portable  freeware application that have lot of options for customizing shortcut or hot key combination to the applications you use most. Specially it is more helpful to people with older laptops that do not have keyboard shortcuts like mute, rise volume, lower volume etc.

Using TriX is simple, as it is a portable application you can carry it any where you like. Just copy the application on your local disk and run it. By default it resides in the system tray. From there you can right click on it and configure key combination for provided applications.

It provides options to configure combination of four keys i.e Shift, Ctrl, Win and any key or alphabet of your choice. You can make different combination and assign it to provided applications and features. When you have finished customizing the keys you can save and activate the application to take effect. You can also add this application to auto start at windows start up.

Download: TriX