Create and Customize Themes for Windows Media Center

Customization is an important aspect that helps us set things in our way. There are various software and utilities that enables us to customize various windows components but if you intend to customize windows media center then media center studio is a great tool.

Media center studio is a free application currently in beta stage, that will allow you to customize various aspects of media center. You can now change default blue background and many more small appearances of media center with your own high quality images and colors.

To perform this action you have to create a new theme first, name the theme and add details from Biography. Then go to images> common> Background and add images of your choice to COMMON.ANIMATED.BACKGROUND.PNG and COMMON BACKGROUND.PNG. as you are done save the theme. Once you have created few themes you can select and apply them from the themes menu.

Once you have applied the theme you can open media center to see the changes. Apart from just adding customized background you can also adjust font size in various parts and readjust the color combination.

My Verdict: This is a must have application for customization lovers. It is still in beta stage so there are few limitations like the background image to be used should be in PNG format and you cannot apply changes while media center is opened. I also experienced several time crashes on windows 7, specially while exporting a theme.(may not be experienced by all users).

Download: Media Center Studio

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