Create folders inside My Computer and Control Panel Items

Many people do not want to stuff their desktop with application and folders, instead keep it clean with beautiful wallpaper and widgets. Doing this may keep your desktop clean and beautiful but at the same time decrease operating speed as you have to search for applications to run them. Folder2MyPc can be used conveniently for this purpose.

Folder2MyPc is a freeware windows 7 application that can add any folder and installed applications to my computer and control panel. Adding applications and folders is an easy task as it allows just selecting them and choosing a destination where their shortcut will appear. Apart from just adding it to control panel you can also select the subcategory within control panel to add them.

You can select and add these items with customized title, add tip to it and even an icon of your choice. Once added, you do not have to restart windows to see the changes. If you are already on my computer window just refresh it to see the changes. Added items can be edited or removed easily.

It is particularly helpful in arranging portable applications for fast access as they come one with one exe file hence keeping them in my computer will be beneficial. You can also choose locations for current user and all users on your users on your PC.

Download: Folder2MyPc

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