How to Create Gmail Data Backup and Restore using Backupify

Yesterday it was reported by Google Gmail team that almost 1,50,000 users lost all their valuable data stored on Gmail due to an update bug. Surely they are trying their level best to restore all the user data. If you don’t want to take chance with your data and want to take the control in your hands you can use Backupify to create scheduled backup of your Gmail data on the clouds.

How to Create Gmail Backup

  1. As always for any service you need to make an account first, therefore register yourself with Backupify.
    create account
  2. Once you have logged in to your Backupify dashboard select the Gmail Backup service from the list. Its still in beta phase but rest assured, it works like charm.
    backupfy services
  3. In the next step authorize Backupify to access you Gmail data.
    gmail authorise
  4. Now select the data you want to backup periodically like All Mails, Inbox, Sent Items etc. and save the settings.
    gmail backup
  5. Your first periodic Backup will start with in 48 hours. If any time you wish to restore the data you can do so through Backupify archive.

Please do note that you have got only 2GB disk space as a free user there fore I would suggest you to label all your important mails first and then backup the specific label only.

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Daniel - March 2, 2011

Can you export from Backupify into a PST file or something like that?


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