How To Create List of Files in a Folder in Excel, Text and Image Formats

We often need to create list of files in a folder like while sending a list of contents to your friend over Internet or publishing the collection of music files in a CD. Uses can be many and here’s how you can create list of files in a folder in excel, text or Image formats.

Like uses, the ways of creating list are many right from using command prompt. We, however, will focus on more sophisticated way using a software with visual interface and many features to create list.

In fact, a free and portable software called Filelist compatible with all versions of Windows (32 and 64 bit). It allows you to create lists of files- including the name and extra information such as format, size, date created, date last access and last modified, attributes, applications, and its associated path.

Create List of Files in a Folder in Excel, Text and Image Formats

Software interface is divided into 4 parts namely:

  1. File– Select the folder from which list to be created. Also, you can filter out certain file type to be excluded or included in list.
  2. Column and Design– Decide which information to be included in list. For example: Date modified, Checksum, File Format, etc.
  3. Preview– While in process of creating this list, software offers a preview pane to see how the list will look in realtime.
  4. Save- You can select from various list output formats. List can be saved as Text (txt), Excel supported Comma Separates Values (CSV), HTML, JPG or BMP Image.

Use the Output format as CSV to create list of files in a folder in excel format and open it in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

As a bonus, Filelist has inbuilt File Renamer tool which is not as advanced like best file renaming utilities we already covered but solves the purpose. Using a predefined simple rule, you can add or replace some string in filename in batch.

Also, it must be noted that Filelist is compatible with Unicode means any regional font or symbol in filename can be parsed without errors.

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