Create List of Files & Folders to Perform Copy / Move Operations Later

Generally we perform a lot of copy/paste, file moving operation daily. For people performing this task on a bigger scale it becomes a tedious task. This task includes file operations from one drive to other or from a remote computer to local drive.

To avoid going through these many steps of opening various folders and running after files to move them, FileBucket can be of great help.

FileBucket is a portable freeware application for all versions of windows. Using this application you can easily create or add files or folders to a list. Operations can be applied on the selected list at once from within the application without the need to open any location on your hard drive.

Using FileBucket is extremely easy, it provides option to add all files of folders, add folders and sub folders, add as folder. With these options you can easily add desired files to the application list. These added files can be then moved, copied, deleted or created as shortcut to selected destination.

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Miroir Montreal - February 9, 2011

Thanks for informing about FileBucket. It’s really a cool app to copy and move files from any location to any folder.

vl - April 19, 2011

InDeep File List Maker in an other tool that creates simple file lists. It also is able to search the content of file lists and display the results on the screen.


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