Create Multiple User Profiles In Android For Different Google Accounts

Android, sure is a great mobile operating system, but still does not give us enough freedom to create different user accounts just like computer system. But imagine the ease with which you can use your Android smartphone after you are done creating some user profiles on Android smartphone.

Though not the in-built feature, but Switch Me is the Android app using which users can create different profiles on Android smartphones. But to use Switch Me, users have to root their Android smartphone, if in case, it’s not. Switch Me is a truly a beneficial Android app, here are some ways, users will find it useful.

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create multiple user accounts in android devices

Features Of Switch Me Android App


Just like you create a different or a guest account for other users on your computer system to protect your content from unauthorized access, users using Switch Me can create as many as different profiles a device memory space can hold. Thus protecting their Android apps, other essential from unauthorized access.

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Save A Bit Of Android Battery Life

Running low on power, why not create a different user profile which is just optimized to save that last bit to the maximum use. Create a profile with all the Android battery saving tricks and log in when required the most.

Speed Up Your Android

There are some Android apps which really consumes a lot of resources even while running silently in the background. Separate these Android Apps, resource hogger I should say, from the one which are light on your Android devices by stashing them into a different user accounts. And log in and out whenever in need.

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switch me user interface android

Testing Time

If you are a developer, love to play and code with Android apps, then Switch Me is the app for you to test the Android apps without using any other resources. Just create a separate user profile and you are good to go.

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Gaming At Its Best

If you are a gaming nerd who like to embrace different characters in a multiplayer games, then Switch Me is the Android app using which they can play with different characters using a single Android smartphone, by creating different user profiles.

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Requirements To Use Switch Me Android App

  • Switch Me is only works on rooted Android devices.
  • Works like a charm on Android Tablets though, but Android smartphones are good to go if the storage space to create different user profiles is not the problem.
  • Requires Android OS v2.1 and above.
  • Works seamlessly on CyanogenMod CM7 and CM9 the famous rooted ROMs.
  • The Android app itself – download it from the Android Market.
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So that’s how Switch Me brings a totally new experience on your rooted Android smartphone and Tablets. Though, it can be a bit harmful, proceed after creating a full backup of all your essentials. Facing any problem, please comment them below.

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AD - October 10, 2013

I have karbon a9+ handset with android version.4… And I m downloaded this apps called switch me… But it showing error …super user permission not granted….But during the installation there. Is no any question asked by process. whats exact problem here?


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