5 Websites to Create Professional Looking Resume From LinkedIn Profile

I think all of you know how important is your Curriculum Vitae (CV), when we are talking about applying for jobs. Many people do get rejected due to non-standardized CV. There are people who even find it difficult to make their CVs.

We all use Social Networks these days. Not just you can meet your mentor with the Professional data added there but also it can be used to create Resume using it.

So the question is do you or don’t want your CV to be more presentable. If yes is the answer, then you can check out the following websites.

1. Comoto

Online resume / Cv maker

Comoto is a CV creation site that offers you setup wizard like interface to create your CV. It lets you to enter your important details step by step which making it to look more like a professional CV.

Comoto can even create your CV automatically by importing your details from your Linkedln public profile. It imports your work experience, education, skills and all the important work related information from your Linkedln profile.

It even lets you to tag your skills allowing you to rate your skills tag which can tell people more about your fields of expertise.

Check Out Comoto

2. Resume.Linkedinlabs

online resume / cv maker

This website offers you to create resume from your Linkedln profile. You can pick your resume template, customize it contents,print it and you are ready to share your resume.

Check Out Resume.linkedinlabs

3. Doyoubuzz

online resume/ cv maker

Doyoubuzz states that not everyone is a graphic designer, and yet it lets you to create a totally professional looking resume within 10 seconds. It lets you choose from 10+ elegant looking professional resume templates. You can even import your linkedin profile information to make your CV.

Check Out Doyoubuzz

4. Resume Banking

online resume/ cv maker

Resumebanking lets you create your resume from scratch with a simple, quick and user friendly Resume builder. You can even check how many times your resume has been checked or viewed. Unlike the above mentioned sites, Resumebanking gives you the ability to share your resume to other social networks.

Check Out Resumebanking

5. PdfCV

Create free resume / cv online

It is best for simple interface and straight forward options, hence making it easy for every one to make a complete Resume. You have 2 options, either you can make a Complete resume from scratch or directly import it from LinkedIn. Save the created Resume or download it in Pdf format.

Check Out PdfCV

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siddhant - September 29, 2011

Are d services offered on the above websites r free or they charge fr creating cv’s ????

    Rohit Langde - September 29, 2011

    Siddhant, they are offered completely free.

Sahil Kotak - September 30, 2011

This services seems to be really good. I feel the last one is the best, what do you say Rohit?

    Rohit Langde - September 30, 2011

    All have their peculiar specialty and depends on you whom to go with.

Jim - September 30, 2011

Want to join millionaires groups

aspek - October 1, 2011


Jim - October 21, 2011

These resumes are clearly not high quality and should not be sent to quality employers. You must be letting the free part put blinders on your eyes or something.

Docvit Maker - December 18, 2011

If these services are not 100% free, they should not be listed here. Will your CV carry a logo from these companies when you build your CV on their site?


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