MintEmail creates Temporary Email Address with inbox for 3 Hours instantly

When you visit different websites to try any web application, most of them ask you to register on their site. You want to access their resources but, are reluctant to reveal your real email address for security purpose. MintEmail solves the problem easily. It’s a nifty web service that lets you create a temporary email address.

The email address lasts for 3 hours so that you can get your job done. All the emails will arrive at the temporary email address in this site instead of your original email account. The biggest relief is that you don’t have to give your original email address to MintEmail.

MintEmail Interface

Go to MintEmail’s site and click the “Create New Temporary Email link.

Create New Temporary Email Link On MintEmail

You will get a new temporary email address instantly. Here, the address is

New Temporary Email Created

Now, send a test email from another email account. It will appear as below.

Email Received In Temporary Email Address

Click the subject line and go through the content of the email. You can delete the email too.

Content Of The Received Email On MintEmail

You have to be a little smart to use this facility since the temporary email address will expire after three hours only.

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next generation - July 23, 2010

This must be the best creation yet. I don’t know how I didn’t think of this. It is exactly what I need and will definitely check out the site.


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