Create Torrent of any File already Hosted on Web and Download it faster

Downloading a file from Internet using Bittorrent and direct FTP / HTTP are two different things. Torrents use Peer to Peer Technology where the load isn’t on single server instead file is served by multiple computers. Here’s How you can create Torrent of any file hosted on web and download via Bittorrent client.

BurnBit is a online service which can burn any file on web into torrent which contains meta data information about the content file. This .torrent file in turn can be downloaded via Bittorrent client on your system.

Why should I convert a File into Torrent when it is served directly?

While you are downloading file directly, it is possible that many others are downloading from same location. This increases load on server where it is hosted which results in slow download speed. So, Creating Torrent is viable option sometimes. And, if there are many other like you downloading via Torrent from BurnBit you get more peers, more speed from Server and Peers who successfully downloaded.

BurnBit says, If a file exists, there is torrent of it. If not, it will be burned.

So, this is a two way connection offering the maximum possible speed to download certain file. Incase, you are the first one, you can still get the download speed as usual and then you can keep seeding to offer it to the world.

For Webmasters who are sharing a file on their website, it is definitely worth giving .torrent download option to users and don’t even care to keep seeding all time for availability.

How to create Torrent for any file hosted on Web

You just need URL or link of the file and paste it on BurnBit homepage and hit BURN button. File will be processed in minutes and you are offered to download .torrent of that file.

Web masters can get script to embed on website and offer your readers to download the file via Bittorrent. Also, you can add additional HTTP mirrors for better connectivity and availability.

In short, BitBurn is useful to Webmasters in every way. However, for downloaders, it is more beneficial when it already exists on BitBurn database to get faster download speeds.

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virat - May 15, 2011

Bro i am Not able 2 download frm Burn Bit while i am Posting Mediafire or else any Links itz saying “Files from the website provided by you are not burnable” while i am trying any other Links also same answer is cuming can u help me out???

    Rohit Langde - May 15, 2011

    Read their FAQ, some websites have been blocked. Even Megaupload doesn’t work but for others it worked.

Jay - May 16, 2011

This is really a nice tutorial but not for people like me who are actually not involved in a lot of torrent related activity…

nipon - May 16, 2011

I have used BurnBit before,I have not found it more useful

my - June 3, 2011

‘ may i ask a question, is it posible to use this to auto generate torrent files? is it posible to link to one folder where i save the files and automatically send to host files so i will get the file in my server over in internet? thanks..


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