Custom Meme Generator App For Android with Funny Inbuilt Templates

Creating and sharing Meme is a simple way to communicate funny ideas. Well, memes have gained quite a lot popularity on social sharing and funny sites like Facebook, 9Gag etc. If you have some great idea that you want to communicate through memes, here is the fastest way of creating them. All you require is an Android handset and preferably a working internet connection.

create meme from android

Meme Generator is a free Android app to create meme and instantly share them. Using this app is easy, there are lot of popular images that you can use to create final meme. If you wish you can also mark frequently used meme as favorite.

create meme from android

You can also switch among categories like all, new, popular and favorite to quickly get to your choice. Talking of ease of use, you can also search the image by name.

Library has most of the popularly used Memes like Bitch Please, Crying Girl, Success Kid, Alien and other Annoying and Funny ones.

How to Use Meme Generator on Android

You can create your meme in 2 ways, either using a custom image i.e using images of friends or snaps taken on road, funny incidents etc. The other option is to select from predefined images already popular.

To create a custom meme just select the first option and point the image you want to use. Similarly you can use the predefined images. Once the image is selected you will get the text fields to fill in. If you are confused about the text, you can tap on the example tab to see some predefined texts. This will give you some ideas.

Tap on the Make it tab to get a preview of the final output. As you finish, you have 2 options either you can save the meme on your SD card or you can directly share them to Facebook and other social and image sharing sites.

Sample Meme

create meme from android

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Ashish Mundhra - August 23, 2012

The sample memes are awesome Sourojit !!

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Application Developer for Android - August 23, 2012

Hi Sourojit,

Thanks for sharing great information about, Meme Generator on Android. I like to share your post on my social medias sites.


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