Customize Facebook Login Page Style and Background Image

Inside Facebook, there may be a scope of customization using apps or beautiful timeline covers or Facebook Themes but what if you want to customize login page. Yes, the experience of awesomeness should start right from logging in to Facebook. Here is a solution which will help you to change Facebook Background image and style of Login page.

Not just background image but also it changes the style of login page. Text boxes to enter username and password are now shown in more elegant way.

Custom Facebook Login Page Style

It is made possible using the chrome extension called “FB Refresh” which can be downloaded for free from Chrome web store.

After installing, try opening in new tab. You’ll notice change in the background image and position of login boxes. This is a default image which can be changed as per choice.

Click gear icon on top right of login box to access extension settings.

From FB Refresh Settings, you can specify image to be used in background. Browse the computer for image by clocking on Choose file button and wait for image upload to complete. Imgur link will appear in the box which signifies upload is complete and now you can save the changes.

Facebook Login Page Changer

You can also paste the Image URL already hosted on web.

Apart from image, there are various customization options offered by the extension. Like, you can change Facebook logo, font sizes and appearance.

Please note that these changes appear only on your computer. To be more specific- Only on the Chrome browser when extension is installed.

There is no risk in typing your username and password in this new boxes. Extension doesn’t collect user data and only responsible for visual appearance.

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Suryakant Bhagekar - July 11, 2013

sir, how to install this app in Firefox?


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