How to customize the frame box of the Logon screen in Windows 7

Customization of Login Screen of Windows 7 is now taken to next step; We have already seen How to change Background image of Logon Screen and now you can also change the frame of logon screen means the way the login box acts and looks. This can be accomplished by replacing default DLL from root directory with modified one.

customize windows 7 logon frame

Windows 7 Logon Reworked is a project by Alexandru-r-ghinea who created beautiful modified Logon Screen Boxes or Frames where you enter Username and Password.

1. It is assumed that you have Taken ownership of Windows system files before proceeding. If not, then Grant Full control to Admin using Take Ownership.

2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and search for authui.dll; Right click on it and take ownership. Rename it to authui-backup.dll

3. Download the desired library file from here and place it in same Directory as above.

To test it out, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del followed by Switch Users.

P.S. The screenshot has been captured using Digital Camera so, quality is not good.

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Nathan - September 19, 2010

This killed my computer! NIS 2011 detected the virus as WS.Reputation.1! After I copied it to system32, UAC got killed and I had to do a system restore! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

    Rohit Langde - September 19, 2010

    Did you take ownership before proceeding?
    Impossible! I have McAfee and everything went well!
    Moreover, the screenshot given above is of my screen itself.

      Nathan - September 19, 2010

      Yes I took ownership, renamed the original authui.dll to authui.dll.backup and copied the file to my system32 folder. I think this might have been because Norton did something to the file. But I don’t want to try again.

        Anonymous - March 30, 2013

        Nathan, you DO realise he did not write to rename it to authui.dll.backup butto authui-backup.dll right?

        And before you say anything, the .backup file extension IS a real extension.


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