Customize Taskbar Thumbnail Preview easily in Windows 7

Taskbar thumbnail preview is a very interesting feature in Windows 7. It gives you proper view of minimized windows and applications. These thumbnail previews are of defined size and appearance speed but if you want to customize the preview Taskbar thumbnail tweaker will help.

It is a small, simple, easy to use and free utility that will help you to resize and add delay to the thumbnail previews, you can also set text thumbnail instead of the graphical one and also disable thumbnail preview.

This utility needs no extra configuration and setting delay to thumbnail previews will give you the control on how the thumbnails appears. Setting it to minimum value will bring it fast and a higher value will introduce delay. You can use the text preview and disable preview options it your system has low resources and providing jerky performance while showing thumbnails.

All the changes made will take after you log-off and login or restart windows. If you do not want to keep the customized settings then press the reset button to revert back to default windows settings.

My Verdict

It is a simple and easy to use application and will help in increasing the taskbar thumbnail preview experience.

Download: Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker

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