Customize Windows 7 Installer ISO dexterously with RT Se7en

Windows 7 operating system has many built-in applications, and you can make it work faster by removing all unwanted applications. To do that, RT Se7en is an application to customize and modify Windows 7 installer ISO. Not just removing elements but you can customize the installation with its miraculous features.

RT Se7en can be use to add Icons, wallpapers, Icons, themes, integrate updates, drivers, remove components, unattended installation settings and create bootable ISO.

RT Se7en Features

  • Customization
  • Create Bootable DVD or ISO
  • Components Removal
  • Integration
  • Tweaking
  • Unattended Installation

Customization:- Add and Change multiple themes and wallpapers, add sidebar gadgets, Change logon scree, Change Icons, Enable or Disable welcome center and uxtheme patch and change windows frame color. Add OEM logo, Enable or disable welcome center, Change windows frame colors, Set your favorite gadgets as default,etc.


Create Bootable DVD or ISO:- As the name indicate, you can create bootable DVD or ISO images, Split images, Give CD Labels and Burn Images.

bootable iso

Components Removal:- After the installation of a software all of its files will be saved in your hard disk. If you will uninstall the software all of its files will not be deleted. To delete a software completely you can use RT se7en which is compatible with windows 7. You can also remove Drivers, Services, Languages packages and other unwanted applications and components.

components removal

Integration:- Integration is one of the most useful function of RT Se7en. You can integrate Security updates, 3rd party application and hotfixes Integrate drivers Integrate language packs.


Tweaking:- All the Enable and Disable functions can be control through this feature. You can enable or disable Registry Tweaking, Adjusting System Services, Change Power Configuration and tweaking of other components.


Unattended Installation:- This feature is very cool. You can make changes to Time Zone, Network type, Display screen resolution and update type. Change UI language, disable or enable upgrade option and so on.

unwanted installation

How to use RT Se7en

To make you windows 7 more faster and customized you have to install RT Se7ev Lite. Download RT Se7even from the below link and install in your computer. Now run it and apply features one by one. For example if you want to change your windows theme, wallpaper or screen save then click on “Customization” select the theme or wallpaper and click on “Apply” button.

Similarly if you want remove any component or software then click on “Component Removal” option and select the software or component you want to remove from your windows. You will find the list of software listed there, simply select the softwares and click on “Apply” button to delete those softwares.

RT Se7en System Requirements

  • 20GB Hard Disk space
  • Dual Core Processor
  • DVD ROM and RAM
  • 1 GB Minimum RAM
  • 256 Mb Graphic Card
  • Virtualization technology enabled
  • Windows 7 Family

Download RT Se7ev Lite

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Clowreed - November 25, 2010

is it ok if the VT Technology is disabled? is it very important? thanks

Uvais - February 1, 2011

Ohhhhhh man superb Post 🙂


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