Customize Windows 8 Home Screen Animations Using Tweaker

Start Screen/ Home Screen is one of the new feature introduced in Windows 8. We have already covered how to add new items and organize Windows 8 home screen. Now if still you do not like your home screen, you can easily Get Modern Apps Shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop or Anywhere You Want. For people who are accustomed to the Windows 8 home screen, there is a good news. You can now customize the animations of Windows 8 home screen. Animations! where is it? Well, I am talking about the animation with which the home screen appears. Ya, now you can tweak it too with out much hassle.

Start Screen Animations Tweaker is a portable freeware with which you can customize many aspects of Windows 8 home screen. This tool is very simple and the only thing that you need to do is change values using a slider. Now, let’s see how to make your home screen a bit more attractive.

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Tweaking Windows 8 Home Screen

Windows 8 Homescreen Tweaks

Working with Start Screen Tweaker

customize windows 8 homescreen

Start Screen Tweaker is divided into three sections. The left section allows you to tweak the animation of your Username and image that appears at right hand top corner of home screen. If you slide towards larger value, there will be a delay in transition of the particular item. For instance, if you select a larger value for Username and a smaller value for the  image then the image will appear first and then the Username.

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The right section allows you to tweak tile appearance animations. While the slider denotes the same functionality as above, you can combine left to right and right to left to get various levels of animation. Check on the option to see the animation every time you visit home screen. Without checking this option you will only see the animation effect at Windows 8 Start up.

Windows 8 start screen tweak

What is Parallax Effect?

When you are on home screen and scroll through present tiles, you will notice the background image is also scrolling parallel to the tiles. With Parallax effect settings you can totally stop the background sliding or increase/ decrease sliding speed.

Windows 8 Home Screen Animation Tweak [Video]

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Start Screen Animations Tweaker is a efficient and handy Customization tool to have in your inventory. I have tested it on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and it worked flawlessly. You can always revert back to default settings by using the provided reset function.

Download: Start Screen Animations Tweaker

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