Customize Windows Task Pane Background with Single Click

Customizing windows according to personal taste is a thing that everyone likes to do. There are various applications available nowadays that can customize and tweak various aspects of windows such as aero settings, taskbar, start menu etc. None of these applications are capable of customizing windows task pane.

Windows task pane is the sky blue sidebar present at left hand side at places like system properties, control panel etc. This region probably goes unnoticed while we customize. If you want to customize the windows task pane background, Windows7 Task Pane Changer is a good option to look for.

Windows7 Task Pane Changer is a portable freeware application for windows7. It is easy to use with a single window interface. With this tool you can change bitmap color and glass bitmap of task pane. It takes only bitmap images and if you do not have it ready download it from links provided on the download page. It also provides a restore button to restore default values in case of accidental changes.

Download Windows7 Task Pane Changer (182.29KB)

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Data structure interview questions - November 13, 2010

Wow…..very interesting post………….Will try it in my pc now itself…i would be happy if u share more new things in future

Ram mohan - November 18, 2010

nice one

Brandon Burke - October 31, 2012

If one wanted to change it manually, how would they go about doing so?


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