Customize WordPress Dashboard making it productive and attractive

I never really felt the need to modify WordPress dashboard is quite enjoyable as is. But I know that many people enjoy customizing these things, either for pleasure or for aesthetic functionality, so that there are plugins that can help them accomplish this customization.

Seven plugins for WordPress, easy to install, all those who ever used the platform know and use them regularly, but for those who have never tested, install an extension is very simple, we just need to copy the folder on our server : wp-content/plugins inside the folder that hosts the blog on our site. And then activate it from the plugins section of our left sidebar within the board.

Here goes the list of Plugins with description:

Ozh ‘Admin Drop Down Menu – With this plugin not only can change the colors of our board from a variety of choices but also puts the sidebar on the top navigation bar for better usability. For those who find accessing from sidebar as a problem, it is an ideal solution, the links are positioned at the top as a bar and submenus appears in a drop down.

customize wordpress dashboard

Fluency Admin: Gives a complete makeover to WordPress dashboard. It offers a range of productive features without compromising with aesthetic looks and Customization. Not just colors but also it can display custom logo to Admin panel and Login screen.

customize wordpress dashboard

What I liked most about this plugin is support for Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, if you want to access Theme editor, press key A – 3 and you will be taken to Theme Editor.

customize wordpress dashboard

Easy admin color schemes: As the name says, you can select custom color for Admin panel. Not only select but also can edit or create a color scheme with in-built editor.

customize wordpress dashboard

Qwerty Admin Panel Theme: Change the look by selecting from groups of colors through an options page, and styles through a stylesheet. Also, it allows you to swap the wordpress logos with your own logo images. Also, it Full Version wordpress you to swap the logo with your own logo images.

customize wordpress dashboard

Pop Menus for WP-Admin: Saves time for scrolling to top of the page for accessing sidebar options as they remain on same place even while scrolling down. Also, it overrides the default drop down that contains the sidebar menu options and replaces with pop-up.

customize wordpress dashboard

Adminize: The relevance of this plugin is able to select the important tools to have on hand, discarding those that are rarely used, or never. In this way we make sure we have what it takes to reach. It is an administrative rather than a visual tool that can save some time.

customize wordpress dashboard

My brand: particularly serves to very easily customize the registration form or login to WordPress. The result as we need can be very original.

customize wordpress dashboard

Each plugin is used for different things, and it depends on what we need, thanks to 1stwebdesigner for such excellent recommendations.

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Ashfame - April 3, 2010

So many plugins for this? I never looked at them anyone after the present admin menu came into effect. And I think I don’t need to, I am pretty much satisfied. 🙂

    Rohit Langde - April 3, 2010

    Well, I am also fan of dashboard (as it is) but This differs from Person to person.

Niraj - August 24, 2010

Hey i hav a question
is it possible to add a text box and a label in dashboard – in add new post
so dat the editor gets an easy option to enter the data in proper order and it should be displayed b4 the post after the heading
for eg in dashboard it should appear in such a way

den post should continue

is dis possible?
nd yes den how
plzzz help me its urgent

jack - January 17, 2011

nice plug in…i want to change my default log in page. how can i do it?

newsjamz - February 25, 2011

wow..i find it……….thank u


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