How To Decode QR Codes on Windows Offline

Use of QR codes is common these days. Specially with smart phone like Android, Windows phone, iOS; download links are normally given in QR code. Apart from the general use, some people use QR code to share personal and social information with others. Use QR Code Readers for Windows to decode them offline.

Decode QR code in windows

In order to access the data present in these codes you need to have a decoder application installed on your phone. You have to scan the QR Code using phone’s camera and the app will decode and redirect you to the link or will open the present data.

Sometimes it so happens that you may not be having the decoding app installed on phone or need to keep the information for later use on your Windows desktop. In Such cases a Windows QR Code Decoder comes in handy.

QR Code Desktop Reader is a Windows freeware application to decode and save QR codes. Lets see how it works.

Working With QR Code Desktop Reader

Decode QR code in windows

QR Code desktop reader is really simple to use. It can take input by two ways.

Decode QR Code From File:

Decode QR code in windows

If you have saved the QR codes on local disk, you can open it directly with QR Code desktop reader. Use the from file option and you can open any image file format.

Decode QR Code From Screen:

Decode QR code in windows

You can directly decode QR Codes from webpages without the need to save them on your computer. Just open the webpage having the QR Code and use the from screen option. Now you have to select the region of the QR Code on the webpage. Make sure you cover a bit region outside the Code area. Once the selection is made it will be captured and decoded.

Decode QR code in windows

[alert-success] Internet Connection is not required for decoding QR Codes. [/alert-success]

Upon decoding you can copy the message/ link to clipboard or even save it as a text file. It is a handy and must have QR code reader application for Windows for people dealing with QR codes regularly.

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