Decrypt and Copy DVD to Computer without Ripping

Whenever we want to copy DVD to computer, we rip it using DVD Ripping software but those programs often consumes RAM and Processor causing to slow down computer. So, here introducing a plugin called DVD43 which runs in the background and decrypts DVDs and copies them on-the-fly.

This is a small plug-in for for Windows allowing to decrypt so the copy programs on your system could read it and copy DVDs to computer without ripping.

copy dvd without ripping

Once installed, you will notice an icon in notification area with a yellow face which indicates that the application is active but idle and has not detected any DVD. When you insert a DVD to copy, the icon will become a face with horns, indicating that it is decrypting the DVD, this process takes a few seconds. At the end of decrypting, this icon will now turn green and smiling which indicates he is ready to be copied.

Now, navigate to DVD Drive and copy the folder VIDEO_TS to your Local Drive. Use any Media player (VLC recommended) to play this DVD Media file.

Download DVD43

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