Desktop Application to Access Google Services on Windows / Mac / Linux

Today we can say that we all have dependency on ever-widening world of Google. Anyone who uses the Internet as usual, using the mailer Gmail, or documents online docs, Google feed reader, look how to get to a site thanks to Google maps and even some people use to store their photos on Picasa.

The only problem that you can find is that we depend on the browser, since all applications are in online mode, something that many of us may see as ideal, but perhaps others do not like much and would prefer accessed from the desktop. If you are one of those lovers of desktop applications, there is someone who has thought about you and brought out GMDesk.

It is neither more nor less, a desktop application that gives us access to all applications of the universe’s most famous Google. It’s done in Adobe Air, which will run on all platforms, and it does really well. Everything is loaded very quickly, and we have all the advantages of the traditional version.

There is a great drawback, and that is that we can not have more than one window open at once, so we will have to change from one application to another if we need to navigate through two or more of them. This might be a problem for people who checks Google services simultaneously.

So if you’re a madman of Google, and always need to have open your Gmail account, or your feeds in Google reader, feel free to download. Yes, buddy, it’s Free.

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