Extend Desktop Space to infinity with GiMeSpace Desktop Screen Extender

We all do Multitasking and for that Multiple Windows are open taking up space all over your screen. If you have small screen Monitor or Laptop, it will be messed up soon and becomes difficult to operate on active windows. To fix that issue, we will see a special utility to extend the space of Desktop screen to almost infinity.

You may have heard of Workspaces where we arrange different number of windows according to their work on different workspaces. Space Extending is somewhat different concept, It is like having a multiscreen laptop. So, you can go on placing windows side by side upto infinity.

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender is a small utility when installed sits in system tray. It provides an extended desktop in the horizontal direction. When you move the mouse to the left or right you will see that the desktop has limitless space in those directions. Simple and effective to create more desktop space like you would have many monitors next to each other!

Simply, It provides a cheap alternative for adding more monitors to your computer.

Software is compatible with Windows XP and further. It won’t be possible to add a screenshot of this utility so, check out the video to get clear understanding of it’s working.

There is also a paid version of this software which supports vertical scrolling too whereas Free version supports Horizontal screen extending. Download GiMeSpace Desktop Screen Extender Free version.

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Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 18, 2011

The video was very useful,thanks for posting!


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