Disable or Block Ads on Android Device using AdFree Android App

Basically there are three types of application available on Android market. The best class is of the freeware apps that are free to use with out any restrictions. Many of them are paid, once you buy them its all yours and finally the adware applications that are free but display ads on the application interface to generate revenue for the developers. Although these ads are mend to support the developer but they cost you your bandwidth.

Thanks to BigTinCan developers, users of rooted devices can now remove Google ads from android applications and even your default web browser in some cases uses this free application.

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AdFree Android is a nifty application which enables the user to remove on screen Google ads on their Android apps to cut down the bandwidth usage which is very crucial for users subscribed to data-based 3G plans.

Working With AdFree Android

adfree android

Once your device is rooted its is a piece of cake to install and setup the application. Once the application is launched it will automatically search for the prerequisite host file and apply the fix. So, initial internet connection is required for this app to work.

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Effects might not take place until you restart your device. However if you want to revert the settings you can do so by hitting the revert settings button.

Remove Google Ads Android [ Video ]

So go on and  download the application by scanning the below QR code to set up your ad-free life.

adfree QR code

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Note: As developers work  hard day and night developing  application to make your digital life easy please don’t use the above fix unless you are running out of your data limit. Please support through developers for the further development of your favorite application.

Download: AdFree Android

Update: Google has removed all Ad Blocking apps from Google Play. You can download AdFree with working link separately and install it on your Android device.

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Sebastian - June 18, 2012

Thank you Ashish,
This is wonderful news for blocking ads in my phone not tried yet. Still I hope you will come up with new genius items for all to use. God bless


Patmor - August 1, 2012

Just rooted my EVO 4G LTE and this was my very first install! Now I can use my *free* apps “peacefully.” Thanks Ashish.

akshay - December 9, 2013

Will implement, so as to remove Truecaller ads.
Thanks for the information


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