Block Bypass CPALead Survey Easiest way editing Host file using Proxy

Some of the websites which provide premium contents for free usually prefer Compulsory survey as there source of income. Most popular publisher is CPALead. This surveys are time consuming.

One may argue that it can be done using some Ad Blocker addons on browser but These Survey companies detects that you have installed Ad Blocker and do not allow to enter the premium content area. Other solution is to use Premium blocking services like which costs some 10$ per month.

This kind of surveys detect ad blockers like AdBlock, Super Ad Blocker etc. So today we are going to by pass this CPAlead without using any ad blocker , just by tweaking hosts file.

bypass CPA Lead Survey

Block CPA Lead Survey on Windows

Note : You must be logged in using administrator profile and may require to take ownership privilege of files before editing.

1. Go to : C:Windows\system32\drivers\etc\

2. Click on “hosts” file. Select Open with Program as “notepad”

3. And add this two lines at end of the file .

4. Save the file and close the notepad.

Block CPA Lead Survey on Ubuntu or any Linux

1. Open Terminal (Press CTRL + ALT + T in Ubuntu )

2. Pass the command : sudo gedit /etc/hosts

It will ask for your administrator password.After you enter the password editor will open.If linux returned an error “gedit command not found” use other editor which is installed on your system.

3.And add this two lines at end of the file .

4. Save the file and close the notepad.

After you save the file.

wooho! you are done.Now if you are using Firefox, disable Adblock plus(any similar) or add an exception for cpalead.comt and Else this wont work.

bypass CPA lead survey

Note: This trick is independent of browser you use and after applying trick, you may have to clear browser cache to take effect instantly.

How is this working ?

We are just redirecting to other server who’s ip is “" and which will return an black script and will pass a variable named “isLoaded” as Boolean value “true” so that Ad Block protector will be fooled.

Will It get broken ?

Well as its a private server ( IP may get change in future so this may get broken.You don’t have to worry. Just bookmark the page and subscribe us, we will keep updating the page.

This is a guest post contributed by Chetan Mendhe who loves tweaking and hacking. You can follow him on twitter at @chetanweb

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Daniel Fenn - December 7, 2010

Thank for sharing this

Rocklobster7413 - December 8, 2010

Interesting post. But a question or two, please. The article starts out with this line,”Some of the websites which provide premium contents for free usually prefer Compulsory survey as there source of income. Most popular publisher is CPALead. This surveys are time consuming.”

So, you admit it is their source of income for a product you want. If you don’t have the time to take the surveys, they you really can not afford the product. What part of your salary or savings will you donate to sites that may end up losing revenue from this.

Sure, we all like a work-around, but this work-around is very much like petty theft. Go into the 7/11 and sneak a candy bar, who is hurt by it, right. Well, if you are not hurt by it, that says something right there. But, the point is, if you can not afford the price of admission, some of your time in this case, then move on to a site you can afford. Why is so okay to steal from people on the Web? Their premium content costs money, so, no matter how you spin the words, it is exactly like stealing a magazine off of a shelf in a bookstore.

I think and hope that we are better than that, we are, right?

Just something to think about. Change places, open up a newsstand and don’t worry if people run off with a quality magazine but don’t pay.

Just a thought.

    Chetan Mendhe - December 8, 2010

    Hey Buddy ,
    I agree you.
    Now I have a question for you .

    Have you heard of Ad block Plus (Firefox Plug-in) ?
    Its one of the top installed plug-in on Firefox.Why People installed it ? Are so many million people shop lifters ?? Why You have inbuilt pop – up blocker in browser ?

    So basically I have created a method to block *new* kind of pop – ups which My browser or ad blocker failed to block.

    Because its on me what to have and what not.Its on user.

Rajeswar - December 9, 2010

Nice,Thanks will try for sure,
CPA lead is one of the most annoying service found in web.I usually bypass by deleting elements using firebug,but that requires some time.

@Rocklobster7413: Do you know that this kind of services are required to give your credit
card no in most cases and u get subscribed,so they redeem money on next month/week.And most of the peoplr don’t check untill they got screwed at least once,If you can remember the most popular facebook game firmvilla also stopped this kind of surveying promotion after facing lawsuit.
And BTW most of the time cpalead don’t have survey available for India. 😉 so we need to bypass

Rohit Langde - December 9, 2010

Exactly, it becomes more annoying when the specific survey isn’t for your country and you are forced to try another one. Well, in many cases, I found that even after completing surveys, the processing bar doesn’t says “completed” and you are left despaired.

I admit that it is their source of revenue but there are many more alternatives than irritating the end user and often landing him nowhere.

toeringsandthong - January 13, 2011

BIG thanks Rohit , yah i used the host list from too along with spybot list,seems to work good !

toeringsandthong - January 13, 2011

forgot to add i find zscaler and noscript addons help too!

Nicolas - February 20, 2012

Hi, I know you posted this 2 years ago, but do you think this will help removing surveys of other sites (such as upload)?

thanks anyway!!

divakar - March 12, 2013

sir how to skip surways to download in win 7 win 8


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