Disable Virus check on Downloaded files by Firefox

What’s the deal in post-download virus check by Firefox browser? It doesn’t make any sense when you are using slow-speed computer. If you think it’s no more needed then disable it.

To Disable Virus check on each file downloaded from Internet using Firefox Browser, you need to access Advance settings and make changes. So, Follow the steps given below properly to avoid post-download check.

Disabling this option may lead to more consumption of resources of your computer while downloading large files from web but to be honest, there is nothing for small files.
firefox disable virus check

  1. Type about:config in Address bar.
  2. Promise to be careful and you will be taken to advanced settings.
  3. Enter browser.download.manager.scanWhenDone
    in Filter box.
  4. Toggle it’s value to False
  5. Done!

Finally, close this setting tab to continue with your work. After disabling, you can use Free Antivirus softwares to check for any malware in downloaded files.

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