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How to Display QR Codes Of Application in Android Web Market App Store

The newer version of Android market on Web / App store is awesome but its not perfect yet. It missed one of the most significant thin, The QR (it stands for “Quick Response”) code.

Although you can just sign in directly download the application by online syncing but there can be times when you need the QR code.

I use QR code to embed them in my posts to help users get the direct download link just by scanning them on my webpage. Well if you are on Google Chrome or any of it variants like Rock melt you can now have QR code on Android Market to scan it, embed it, email it or even print it.

before wr


All you need to do is install the extension Droid Code for chrome.  The extension is so small that there is no setting option  its just plug and play.

install droid code

All it does is generate the valid market link QR code of the application you are browsing on Online Android Market. So just use it till Google realizes its mistake and integrate for all the users by default.

after qr code


Download Droid Code for Google Chrome

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