DoubleCAD XT: Free Alternative for AutoCAD

We all know, or at least we have heard at least once, AutoCad. The well-known software that can develop projects in 2D/3DUseful for design or architectural engineering. AutoCAD is one of the best program in circulation, if not the best. From 1982 holds the record for this type of work. The documents produced by AutoCAD, are high quality vector files.

Today, I share a software called DoubleCAD which can replace a 100 percent over the same AutoCad. DoubleCad XT v2 is a completely free, with all the features of AutoCad and style of windows, very similar to that of AutoCAD. With this software, you can continue to work on your old projects in AutoCad, no problem.

DoubleCAD XT Free AutoCAD alternative

To download, simply connect to the official website, Please complete the request form, And you will receive the activation codes of the program via email, with a link to download page. After downloading the software, go to install it by entering the codes you found in the email you received shortly before. Once installation is complete, simply start it.

The program will start quietly. At this point you can start using the program with no problem, as if it were activated and original. Obviously not have to pay anything and continue to use indefinitely.

A great program, lightweight and no frills. Lastly, I would say a great Free alternative for AutoCAD which requires you to pay high amount or use a Cracked version which is illegal.

Download DoubleCAD XT

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sati - October 16, 2010

Nice work to let others like me to get to know about an alternative. I was searching for an alternative one.

FAQ Support Rep - October 22, 2010

I have not used a CAD software for the longest time. I think my last time was when I was in College. I am not so well versed with it but I hope I can learn again 🙂

Make My Computer Faster - January 19, 2011

This Blog is going places, the people, the layout, amazing to see such dedication and focus.

autocad alternative - June 24, 2013

Another AutoCAD alternative to consider is Lucidchart. Real-time collaboration, nothing to download, and works great on any OS!


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