Downgrade Android Market 3.1.3 and get back Old Market

We recently posted about new Market leak and how to upgrade Android market manually. For higher end phones, it went smooth and fortunately even I liked it. If you have upgraded and feeling that it’s laggy and facing problem, it’s easy to get back to old Android market version easily.

Problems with New Market

  • Screen Lags and transition isn’t smooth for low end phones.
  • Gives error about less memory / storage space while downloading new app.

How to get back back old Android Market

You need a Rooted Device and File Manager installed on it (ES File Explorer or Root Explorer would be nice).

  1. Download updater.apk and Market.apk
  2. Open File manager and mount system as RW and delete file name ‘Vending.APK’ and ‘MarketUpdater.apk’ from /system/app/. You can also delete folders and in /data/data.
  3. Reboot Device
  4. Open File explorer/ Root Explorer and Mount your file system as RW and copy ‘updater.apk’ from SD Card to /system/app/ and do a reboot.
  5. Now, mount your file system as RW from explorer and copy ‘market.apk’ from SD Card to /system/app/ and Reboot phone.

You will now notice old Market version now.

Why can’t you install the APK directly?

Market is not a user app instead a system application which cannot be installed the regular way.

Alternative way to downgrade Market version

  1. The first step is to launch Settings from your home screen.
  2. Once you are in the settings menu, tap on Manage Application.
  3. Now tap on the All tab at top and scroll down to Market app.
  4. Once you can see the Market app, tap to select.
  5. From the resulting options menu, tap on uninstall updates.
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