Download And Read Favorite Anime Manga From Desktop

Many people like to watch animated cartoons and reading their manga online. Popular animated series like Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, One piece, Dragon Ball etc have their manga going far beyond the TV series. To read their manga you have to log to websites like One Manga, Manga Fox etc, taking a bit amount of your precious time if you are on a slow speed internet connection as these sites contain maximum images. So, here will see the various ways of getting the latest manga releases directly on your Desktop.


This utility is not free. But even in the limited edition you can download your favorite Manga’s easily. First of all, it maintains its manga database from the following sites One Manga, Manga Fox, Manga Hut, Manga Toshokan, Anime A, Manga Helpers. You can search the manga from the database with a quick search option.

Once you get the anime name double clicking it opens the download window. The download window contains general information on the volumes and also provides information when the next volume is going to be released, or it is ongoing. You can select as many volumes as you want and click to download then in your specified location. The download contains volume folder and all chapters in it.

You can also periodically update the manga list to view the recent update in any of the Anime manga, when there is a new update available the name is bolded.

Download: DomDom Soft

Comic Shelf

Comic Shelf is a windows freeware application that allows you to search for manga from sites like One Manga, MangaFox, Anime A etc. The interface is easy to use and is better than that of DomDomSoft. It provides separate window for downloading manga volumes and shows download information in details.

After you have obtained the anime manga, you can browse it from within the application and then right click on it to read it online or download it. Comic Self is a portable application, so it can be used anywhere easily.

Download Comic Shelf

Browser Manga Extensions

If you do not want to use any desktop application for reading manga then it can also be done straight from your browser. Chrome users can use Manga extension to get notifications on released manga. Firefox users can use Manga Updates Search to search manga by name.

The Manga extensions on browsers are not much worthy to use. They just provide you with direct search which you can perform on respective manga sites manually.



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Mayank - January 27, 2010

Really Thanx,
SuroJit Sir,
I M Really A Big Fan Of Anime Like Dragon Ball N Naruto..
N I Really Wanted Such A Kinf of Thing..
Just Plz Explain Me Wat’s A Manga……
Is It Magazine Type Thing……

    Sourojit Nandi - January 27, 2010

    Actually Manga is the same thing in Japanese that we call comics, they come in volumes which consists of many chapters.

manga online - August 12, 2011


very nice.. enjoy reading manga


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