How to Download DLC Container Files from JDownloader in IDM

Many people are addicted to watching High quality movies or playing the latest game. To fulfill this need we download these files from the internet. Downloading files via torrent is the most popular way but many people do not like it often due to low speed downloads.

The other method that is popular is the use of File Servers like Rapidshare, Megaupload, FileServe etc. But they are not free to use, you can download files from them using free account but with hell lot of restrictions like waiting time, download limits, un resume able downloads etc. But still you may get better speeds than on torrents for older files which no one uses anymore.

Being a free user using any file server to download a single file is easy but if you downloading a movie or game broken into many parts, putting each link manually is a tiresome job.

To overcome this problem for a free user, we have already covered JDownloader a free open source application(as many file servers do not support download managers in free account). This application can wait for file downloads and start them automatically. One other most important feature of this downloader is that it can decrypt .DLC container files and download them.

Nowadays I find most of the uploaders prefer to upload links in .DLC encrypted containers as openly shared links are deleted soon. For a free user its always preferable to use JDownloader. But if you are a premium user you may want to download these files in any download manager instead of Jdownloader. Till now I was unable to find any free online web service to decrypt the .DLC file and get normal links for download. If JDownloader is installed .DLC files takes it’s thumbnail.

To download these files we will be using IDM as I have tested this thing with it. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is efficient download manager to download files at optimum speed but it is not free. You can always search Google to grab a full installation file of IDM, hence it’s better to skip this part here and move on to the tutorial.

Things Required

To start with the process, you will need to have few applications pre-installed on your system if you are not having them already. They are:

  1. Java Runtime Environment- Required for the installation of JDownloader. If you do not have it already, it can be downloaded from here.
  2. JDownloader– To download JDownloader visit their official website.
  3. Internet Download Manager- You can download IDM from official website and use the trial version or use google search to find full versions.

Once you are set with the following things you can move to the next section.

For Premium Users

Setting Up IDM

  • First of all open IDM and go to options. Then click on the general tab.
  • In Integrate IDM into browsers section, tick on Java(TM) Platform  SE 6 U22.
  • In Browser/System Integration uncheck automatically start downloading of URL’s placed in clipboard.

Just doing these things makes the configuration part over for IDM. If you are unable to understand any point the image above can be referred. Practically there is no need for the 3rd point if your ISP do not restricts resuming files and you are a premium user. In my case being a premium user I cannot resume any download if stopped in between as my ISP restricts it. So unchecking this option does not start downloads automatically as they are added and i can start them later manually or adding it into a queue.

Setting Up JDownloader

  • As such there is no separate configuration for JDownloader, you need to setup your account details properly to download as a premium member.
  • We are practically using this application just for decrypting the .DLC container.

  • If you have downloaded the .DLC file, double clicking on it will open it in the link grabber section where the container will be decrypted and all links in it will be checked for online status. Now add the container for download.

  • As the download will be about to start, you will get a plugin error(out of date) in JDownloader and the file download will be taken over by IDM. Click on the download later button on IDM to collect all links first.

  • Later in IDM you can add the files to queue and set queue rules for number of downloads etc.

  • To get the links faster, at bottom of JDownloader you will find Max.Dls which means maximum downloads simultaneously. Increase this to 20, which is the maximum value. It will let you get 20 links from Jdownloader to IDM.

For Free Users

For free users I still recommend using Jdownloader as it is the best in this case, saving you from lot of waiting time sitting before the system. But still if you know the file server you are downloading from supports IDM, you can use the same method. This can be done by decreasing the maximum downloads to 1 and putting a stop marker on each download as downloading multiple files from same IP is not possible.

You have to manually put every link in download after the waiting time. Hence this method is laborious for free users.

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Ashish Mundhra - March 4, 2011

Just one word !!!

    Sourojit Nandi - March 4, 2011

    @Ashish: Thankx…

vinay - March 8, 2011

hi for free user how can we bypass recaptcha in J DOWNLOADER? is there any thing by which JD can automatically enter these recaptcha? thanks

    Sourojit Nandi - March 8, 2011

    Even when I am downloading as a free user, i face this problem… Sometimes Jdownloader automatically fills the recaptcha, like in case of But others like fileserve, hotfile, filesonic etc it is asking to enter manually…

    Just check in settings that you haven’t disabled the feature… If auto filling in on and then also you have to enter the text, it probably means that JDownloader was unable to recognize the text in the image box.

Sunwing - March 23, 2011

Genius solution! Thanks.

Anon - April 11, 2011

unfortunately this doesnt work for me
i have the newest internet download manger and java se6 u23
idm doesnt take over the download… 🙁
any help would be appreciated

    Sourojit Nandi - April 11, 2011

    @Anon: Does IDM takes over downloads automatically? I mean whenever you click on download links does IDM starts downloads automatically. If not Your IDM network integrity is corrupted.. Even I faced this problem a few days ago, But now again its ok as i updated to latest Version of IDM. You can also play with the general options to find some help…

      Anon - April 12, 2011

      thanks for the quick reply i will try updating
      thanks alot

        Sourojit Nandi - April 12, 2011

        @Anon: It’s not that updating will solve your problem. I keep messing with lot of settings so from time to time I enable/disable many things accidentally. It can be done without updating also. Let let me know if the problem persists even after updating.

David - May 3, 2011

Thank you so much for the tutorial, but don’t work now… the option “Detect new application…” is not available…


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