How to Download Facebook Photo Album from Right Click Context Menu

Believe me, its possible! We have already learned how to upload photos to Facebook album from right click context menu. Now, you will learn how to download Facebook Photo Album from right click context menu. Facebook does not provide any download option for photo album. What you have to do so far, is to view each photo one by one and save them into your local drive. The task must be annoying. And whenever any of your friends uploads an album containing hundreds of images, you have to spare a lot of time collecting all of them.

FacePAD or Facebook Photo Album Downloader is an awesome Firefox add-on that makes this laborious task dead simple. You just need to do a simple right click to grab an entire Facebook photo album.

Download and install FacePAD

Facebook Photo Album Downloader - Firefox Add-on

You will see a security warning message. Allow it to continue.

Security Warning Before FacePAD Installation

Within few seconds, FacePAD will be integrated with Firefox. Restart the browser for changes to be effective.

Now, navigate to a friend’s Facebook album. Right click the album link and select “Download Album with FacePAD”.  All the images will be downloaded into the default Firefox Downloads folder.

Right Click Facebook Photo Album LInk to Download Images

FacePAD works efficiently and saves your precious time. The only drawback I can see that you can’t provide a destination folder to save those images.

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