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Download from Fileserve, Filesonic, FileFactory, etc Directly as Premium Users

Though Torrents are popular but have their own disadvantages including being blocked on many systems. So, File Sharing Websites like Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory, etc. have come up and became popular offering Good Speed. Problem with them is Number of Downloads Restriction, Waiting Time, etc. in case of Free users while Premium Users enjoy Direct Downloads.

Here, we will see how can we direct download from Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory and many more such File Hosting services as Premium users without waiting, entering captchas, etc.

DebridMax is a French online service which takes advantage of Browser addons and lets you download a file from File hosts immediately from multiple links and multiple servers.

Go to http://www.debridmax.com/. Site is in French so, use the Translate Bar on right top corner of page to translate in English. If you are on Chrome Browser, you will be notified automatically and given option to translate.

Then, click on “Sign up! Its free” button to create account. Enter Email ID and other info. to complete registration. You will receive activation link via Email which on clicking activates your account.

Download Firefox Addon or Chrome Plugin as per your browser using the link on Homepage.

You are all set now! DebridMax button will appear besides the address bar of Browser (Chrome). Open Downloader and new window appears where you have to paste download links ( 8 at a time).

Premium Download Link will be generated and file can be downloaded immediately direct from browser or Download Manager Software.

At the Moment, DebrisMax supports, Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory, Megaupload, Megavideo, Rapidshare, Uploaded.to, Netload, Wupload, Hotfile and DepositFiles.

Note: Such Services are more prone to disablement and we cannot guarantee it to work 24×7 as it may run out of Premium slots for a day. In such case, you should try out jDownloader or refer to list of Awesome Download Managers which does same thing.

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mmg1818 - July 13, 2011

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manish - July 13, 2011

thanks,this is best.

sushil - July 13, 2011

I love this blog and here is answer for why- I started reading articles of blogsolute from last year. I had many problems but after some days this blog solve all those problems without submission of any problem to author Mr Rohit.
more about this articles here is two website similar to this articles
1.isteal.net no add on required.direct download.
very soon i post these two website on my blog also.

    Rohit Langde - July 13, 2011

    I am glad to hear that from you Sushil infact Happy that posts proved to be useful for you 🙂
    Also, I have already written about Rapid8 in past but forgot to mention in article though. Problem with Rapid8 is now they have number of annoying pop ups and finding the space to enter URL becomes difficult for new visitor owing to messy design of webpage.

      Mandeep singh - July 14, 2011

      Will this support resmable download ?

      sushil - July 14, 2011

      but isteal.net is better no popup,ads etc.

rachid - July 15, 2011

nice my frend i’ts working very good

Ajith - July 15, 2011

thanks..fileserve problem solved…

Any hack available for rapidshare..its irritating to wait 5 minutes now…

Sameer - July 16, 2011

It does not supports resumeable download in idm…it downloads a web page insteed…

vicky sadhu - July 17, 2011


mlm rankings - July 17, 2011

If you want to pay then mediafire is best but If you want o experiment then no one comes close to ADRIVE as they have some unique features like free 80 gb storage.

Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 18, 2011

Very useful article,thanks for posting! Keep up the good work Rohit!

direct sales marketing - July 18, 2011

No it will not work do seamlessly with debrixbox. instead files drive has introduced a new plug in which could work well.

MEHUL - July 21, 2011

try http://www.oneleech.com/index.php
for Megaupload premium|Hotfile premium|Fileserve premium|Filesonic premium links. Don`t need to buy premium account. Start downloading premium links now!

it is also provide resume functio

    Wallpapers Paradise - July 23, 2011

    -ve point, limit only 1 d/l in 24hr.
    dnt reply back tht u can restart ur modem and change ur IP addrs,
    i am having stating Ip

Skeptical - February 21, 2012

So… you want me to download a FireFox add-on from some random website, giving that add-on unrestricted access to my computer? Does that seem like a good idea to anyone?


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