8 Sites To Download Royalty Free Vector Images in Public Domain

Vector clipart images are an excellent resource from which we can create logos, Print ads, Flash Banners or use it in out presentation or mainly used as a basis for new images, either modifying or combining together. We list 8 Websites which serves high quality royalty free Vector images in public domain.

These are waived of all copyright and related or neighboring rights so that you can download and use it for all your commercial projects worry free. Good thing about Vector Cliparts is that they don’t have fix resolution, that means they can be boost up to any dimension without loosing the image quality.

1. Open Clipart Library: All Images in SVG Format

If one has to choose a resource for vector images, it would certainly be the Open Clipart Library. With a collection of images in SVG that is growing, there we can get all kinds of drawings on the most varied subjects uploaded by users. In terms of quality, although it is variable, on average I would rather say it is shooting high.

While all images are available in SVG, we can also download them in PNG format indicating resolution that we want to download. We can also edit them online, for which the site redirects to the editor ImageBot.

LinkOpen Clipart Library

2. Clker: Another Great Library for All kinds of Images

copyright free vector images download

Clker is a very similar in content to the Open Clip Art Library. Like this, the images are uploaded by the creators of these, which are both professionals and amateurs. Similarly, the quality is variable but we can find enough quality jobs.

However, Clker is distinguished by having additional tools that we can be useful at some point. It has a online vector editor to create drawings that are stored within the site.

The images are available on site in PNG (in three different resolutions) and SVG format. In each, they also provide embed code.


3. All Silhouettes: Dark Minimal Vector Collection

minimal Vector graphics collection

If you like minimalism and all you need are silhouettes, this is your place. Unlike the above, you can not download the images individually, but in collections. For example, if we need the silhouette of a person jumping, we get off the file “Jumping people”, which contains 16 images of people and then, in your editor, choose the one that we use.

There is also another fundamental difference: the site is maintained by one person and most of its contents are written by him. However, there may be material from other people, so you should check the license of which go down to see the constraints mind when using it.

The images are high quality and at the time of this writing, the site features 11,450 images in 212 collections. The vast majority are in formats AI (Adobe Illustrator 8) and CSH (Adobe Photoshop custom shapes), but the collections increases from August 2011 are also in EPS 10 and SVG .

LinkAll Silhouettes

4. The Noun Project: Vector Icons Download

free vector icons svg

To continue with the minimalist and even more so, The Noun Project is focused solely on the iconsWith images uploaded by the users, has a fairly large catalog organized by categories and collections, although it should be noted that misses a little at this point in the organization and sometimes you have to go checking by eye to find what you need.

Despite the latter, the site is still an excellent resource to find minimalist icons of all kinds. The images have been formatted in SVG and downloaded compressed into a ZIP .

LinkThe Noun Project

5. Vector Junky: Huge Vector Graphics Collection on Web

Free Vectors for Commercial Use

Vector Junky is an online gallery of free vector graphics. All the images on this site are free for personal use and a lot of them for commercial use. Categories are varied and offers easy navigation to find Vector of your choice.

Link | Vector Junky

6. Vector Open Stock

awesome royalty free vector eps download

Nice Portal with collection of vectors mostly suitable for Designers involved in Advertisement and Banner making. Though categories of collection is vast, Abstract Vector art is worth browsing.

Link | Vector Open Stock

7. Logo Open Stock

Free Vector Logos foe Website Blogs

If you are looking for Website Logo or Designer into this business, this site has great collection of Logos for almost all type of website and Blogs. Download them and modify according to your Site name and design.

Link | Logo Open Stock

8. Magic People: Free Anime Vector Images Download

people vector image download

Navigation of site is worst and makes difficult to find image you want but collection is appreciable. You can find Free vector EPS or Ai files free for designers. Anime, Christmas, wedding, valentine vector clip art for free download.

Link | Magic People

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actually only 3 sites here are clean public domain sites (open clip art, clker and noun). All others are not public domain.

vecky - December 17, 2013

Here is another website for public domain vectors.



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