Download Google Chrome 5 Final version stable build for all OS

Google has released the final stable version of its browser- Google Chrome v5.0 with Linux and Mac builds too. Although, I personally prefer Chromium but some like to use stable versions only of browser. But it is good as browser is the most used application today. Comes loaded with V8 JavaScript rendering engine which makes it speediest in the world.

New version brings new features and it is in talks that Google Chrome will have integration of Flash player 10.1 once it is released. Other notable features are redesign of Bookmarks manager and new tweak like Fullscreen menu can be called from Tools and Address bar can be resized.

Although, it is available for free download on official Google Chrome site but If you are already using a stable version then you will be automatically updated and Dev channel users too will be shifted to newer version.

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suchmaschineneintragung - September 23, 2010

Sweet Post!

noshad - October 8, 2010

its a good approach


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