Download Google Maps on PC and View Offline Yahoo / Bing Maps

Maps are important things that guides us when we visit places unknown to us. With launch of Google maps services it became easier for people with internet access to view these maps on their mobile phones and PCs. But, there are times when you cannot depend on internet availability. Due to internet failure you may end up landing on a place totally unknown without any help.

To solve this weird situation GMapCatcher and GMap.NET will be of great help.

Download Google Maps Offline on Computer

GMap.NET or Great Maps is an open source cross platform tool to download Google Maps on PC easily.

Google Map Download Tool - GMap.Net Main Interface

  1. Search the location you want to download. At the time I tested, “Search” function didn’t work so I would suggest lowering off zoom level and drag the map (mouse right click) and find the location you want.
  2. Zoom in (scroll bar) to the region you wish to download offline.
  3. Click on “Get Static” button and select the area with the help of LEFT mouse button keeping ALT button pressed.
  4. New Window will appear where you can select Zoom Level and generate static image out of Map tiles. More the Zoom Level more the details and more the time taken for generation.

Google Map Tiles Dowloading using Gmap.NET Window.

Download GMap.NET (Great Maps)

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Download Bing, Yahoo and OpenStreet Offline Maps on Computer

GMapCatcher is a free multi platform application what can connect to google maps and give you maps of the place typed in. You can zoom in/zoom out to get clear view of roads and locations of important avenues.

In this application also you will get options to view maps, satellite or terrain view of the given location. Few operations that can be done with the maps are zoom in/ zoom out, add marker, reset map, batch download, center map and export map

Once you get the map on this application you can press download button to download the maps. Before downloading the map you will get option to specify latitude, longitude, height and width of the area in Km to be downloaded.

My Verdict: This application is helpful for all purpose of work involving maps, specially in situations where internet availability will not be possible during your travel as you can always take a print of these maps consisting of details of the place as specified by you before downloading it.

Download: GMapCatcher

Update 04 May 2012 – Google Maps Tiles cannot be downloaded anymore using this GMap Catcher. Developer stopped the support for Google Maps officially due to restrictions from Google. However, latest version now supports CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps.

How to Download Google Map Tiles Offline on Android

If you are going on a Trip or to a place where there may not be a reliable Data connection then, Google Maps Application for Android Smartphones and Tablets lets you download selected area / region of map online.

To do that, Go to Settings > Labs > Enable Pre-cache Map area option.

To download, long press on the map around the area you want to download then tap on the bubble. Here you should get an option to cache the area selected. Soon, download of 10 miles will be downloaded offline. This region will now be available without internet connection on phone for offline access. It should be noted that only map tiles are loaded that means no Satellite or Traffic views available offline.

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Sarimin - March 27, 2010

thank’s bro 🙂 a real magnificent information. Adds knowledge for me which still be learning

dilu - December 22, 2010

lets c .. but where i can download it

pf100 - March 29, 2012

Great software. Thank you.

anonymous - May 4, 2012

Thanks for the hint. This application looks great.
But … I try to download the map, then I got the following message:

“This map service (Google) doesn’t allow bulk downloading. If you insist on doing so, you break its term of use.”

What does it means? How can I download a map from an area I do not know to see it offline, because I won’t have web connection in that place.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is just a program bug?
Is this application is useless because google does not allow to download maps from their site?

Can you give some light on it, please?

    Rohit Langde - May 4, 2012

    It looks like Gmaps Catcher no more allows downloading of Google Maps. It currently supports “CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps” while the support for Google Maps is removed as per official site.
    I will write up an alternative solution and follow up.


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