Download Hundreds of Free Games of Any Genre with These Downloaders

With the popularity of internet usage day-by-day, people are moving on from buying games from game store to online licenses. Now the task of finding and downloading games whether they may be flash games, 8-bit games, or the present generation games is quite difficult. So I am going to state the names of some of the game downloaders that are available in the market, some of them are quite famous and provide newer games to download along with their license and other just lets you to download old games which are totally free.

Game Downloader

download old games online

Game Downloader is one of the most famous game downloader for downloading free games which everyone loved to play in their childhood. It includes games like Mario, Dead Wake, Sonic, etc. You can easily browse through the categories to find games which you want to download, or you can search for it in its search box.

Link – Game Downloader

Online Games Downloader

download latest flash games online

Online Games Downloader is a dedicated game downloader for downloading flash games. You can browse the Games tab to find games for downloading. The games are opened in your browser specially Internet Explorer and Firefox. Within the flash Window of your browser, you’ll see a download option, click on it to download the flash game.

Link – Online Games Downloader


EA games downloader

Origin is EA (Electronic Arts) games based downloader. If you’re looking for newer games from EA to download/buy then this is the best game downloader which you can get for EA games. You can even go through the upcoming game demos and their release dates. The best part of Origin is that it let you buy the game with the download link.

The only thing which may be not loved by many Origin users is that the game downloaded through Origin can only be played through Origin.

Link – Origin


download games from steam

There is nothing much to be said about Steam, as Steam has been there since Counter Strike hit the gaming world, and has been dominating since then. You can purchase licenses for games along with the download link from Steam. Sometimes Steam offer free download of popular games.

Link – Steam

Which is the best online Game Downloader?

Are you confused in selecting the best game downloader? Here is a quick note on the usage scenario of each of them.

If you’re looking for older games Game Downloader is the one you should look into. For flash games Online Games Downloader is pretty good. Origin is the game downloader for all the famous EA games and Steam is just Steam.

Link – Origin

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Kunal - April 28, 2012

Highly recommended for gamers.

    Rohit Langde - April 28, 2012

    Not just Gamers but people like me who just want light games for pastime can go for it.


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