Download Latest Hollywood Movies and Bollywood Films with zButterfly

Torrent download is the most popular way of download Hollywood Movie Blockbusters and Bollywood Films and here we have a Torrent download client which features them. I am not encouraging you to go for it but want to present a new torrent download client which makes it easy to browse and download Movie catalogs and download on the go!

zButterfly is a Torrent client program (seen on TorrentFreaks) focused on new Movie releases offering intuitive interface which makes it easy to find Movie releases on Bittorent. Homescreen shows the Most popular, Latest releases and on the side they can navigate through the ‘catalog’ of films movies according to Director, Actor, etc. In short offer a user-friendly interface with an extensive menu of first-run movies for downloading.

download bollywood hollywood torrents

Not just browsing the catalogue but also it offers advance search engine for Movies where user can filter their searches based on production years, genres and IMDb ratings. Select the movie to download and you will be presented with heaps of information about it including Ratings, Trailers, Similar Movies, etc. The actual downloads are torrentless, and rely solely on magnet links.

Although this Movie release integration on Torrent client itself sounds cool but they may face legal actions due to copyright infringement from MPAA and RIAA like organizations. So, chances are that it will disappear but I would say take advantage till it lasts. However, the developers at zButterfly says that “All movies in our catalog were found with our automatic search robots. We are also similar to Google Search Engine and do not host any movies on our servers” But, it is a niche targeted Search engine and not general like Google. Why indulge in such things and enjoy till it lasts!

Download zButterfly

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jeevan - November 21, 2010

is it safe to download from this site
What is this “MiscUtils” source they added ? Let’s take a look at the functions it provide :

public static String getSerialNumber(String drive)
public static String getMotherboardSN()
public static String getMAC()

WTF ??!! Why does a bittorrent software need my Hard drive serial number, my motherboard serial number or my MAC adress ???? Vuze worked very well without these informations…

y10 - November 21, 2010

well thats looks good article to read, but anyway i like it as much as y10 games

forex - November 23, 2010

Every time I see a great post I go ahead and do a few things:1.Show it to my close it in all of the common social bookmarking websites.3.Be sure to return to the blog where I came accross the post.After reading this article I’m seriously thinking of doing all of them!

Sydney @ InteliWise - November 24, 2010

For movie torrents, I have been going to extra torrent because the classify the dvdrips from the cam copies to the blu ray copies. But for you, which do you think is better than the client and the website?

Nihar - November 26, 2010

Thanks for sharing this.

Will try this out.

Asa Knutzen - December 1, 2010

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the post


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