Download Listen only Songs from SoundCloud when Download is Disabled

SoundCloud is popular online platform to record, explore and provides a platform for new artists who want to present their work to the world. While uploading, many users do not want their work to be downloaded by public and hence restricts.

If you feel that some song has touched your heart and want to download and keep it for personal collection. Here’s a trick to download SoundCloud music for free. These files may be marked as Listen Only and even when your download limit is exceeded or even tunes that otherwise you have to buy.

How to Download Restricted Sound Files

There are two methods by which we can download SoundCloud music for free. We will be discussing then one by one.

  • Using Script and Dedicated Plug-in

If you want to download certain restricted sound files, GreaseMonkey userscript comes to rescue. Reading Stadt-Bremerhaven, I came to know about SoundCloud Super Recommender which provides download link in front of the song. The image below shows the scenario before and after using the script.

You should have GreaseMonkey installed in case of Firefox and directly compatible with Opera and Chrome browser. If you are a Firefox user, there is a plugin available which will make things lot easier than using GreaseMonkey Script.

[button-green url=”″ target=”_self” position=”left”] Download: Recommender Script [/button-green] [button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”] Install Firefox Plug-in [/button-green]



[alert-note] GreaseMonkey Script is better to be used for Chrome & Opera[/alert-note]


  • Using FlashGot Plug-in for Firefox

FlashGot is a must have plug-in for Firefox. Not only it can be used to download SoundCloud music but also a lot variety of media from all over the web. For instance you can also download YouTube videos and any other streaming media. Another major advantage is that you can use your Download Manager via Flashgot, which in the above is the default browser Download manager.

Using Flashgot is extremely easy. After installing the plug-in whenever any streaming media is played, the flashgot icon appears beside the address bar. Click on the icon and download the content you want.

[button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download FlashGot [/button-green]




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