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Download MP3 Music, Videos, eBooks other eSnips Content from Direct Link

eSnips is a great resource to find user uploaded content which includes eBooks, Images, Documents, Videos, Music or anything. The problem of downloading content from eSnips is you have to install their Downloader application which is only for Windows. Here is a way to bypass and get a direct link to download which works for any OS.

I was searching for a regional MP3 song which was just available on eSnips but being on Ubuntu (Linux) couldn’t make it up to download their app and continue to download. However, they allow you to stream content whether MP3 music or Videos but downloading is not possible without installing esnips downloader. Follow the steps to know How to get direct download link to download eSnips content.

1. Get the URL of file content you want to download (Link in the Address bar of your browser) which looks like this:

esnips direct download link generator

2. Now replace the doc in the above URL with nsdoc and append the filename with following
- tsid/1213907767930/ns_flash/file88.mp3

esnips direct download link generator

3. So that the modified URL looks like this:
http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/0b890bd0-d24b-4899-a952/FILENAME– tsid/1213907767930/ns_flash/file88.mp3

Use this URL directly in your Browser now and download will start automatically.

The above procedure refers to downloading MP3 Files but if you want to download some video or document or image then change extension accordingly (as given in the filename) For example: Image.jpg, Video.flv or Document.doc, etc.

If you want a readymade link generated for this purpose then go to esnips download link generator http://trivuz.com/esnips/ which only works for MP3 files.

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nipu - May 28, 2011

owwwwwwwwwww……succeeded ……….many many thanks 🙂

Darshan - June 9, 2011

Thanks man…..worked very well….you are a genious

Rajib Ghosh - October 16, 2011

Thanks dude! You made my day.

I have been looking for the full version of the song ‘Daak Pathale Kaal Sakale’ by RD Burman and eSnips was the only site that had the complete song.

The song first appeared in ‘Puja Bouquet – 1979’ and the samples from it have been used extensively by ‘State of Nation’ for their song IC408.



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