Download Multiple Rapidshare Files on Free Account with Multi File Downloader

Rapidshare in among one of the best and well known file hosting service. You can download multiple files from it simultaneously, only if you are a premium user. Being a free user there are restrictions on number of files downloaded simultaneously, waiting time and no resume. You can get more functionality using Rapidshare Multi File Downloader.

It is a freeware, easy to use application that basically does not bypass any restrictions of free account but allows you to make full use of it. Now a question may arise that if it does not bypass the restrictions, how will it help me? Well the answer is very simple, it allows you to add multiple rapidshare file links in it, then you can start download. Each files are downloaded one at a time after the waiting time but the benefit is you do not have to add each file when downloading one file is complete thus saving lot of your time.

One thing that you have to take care is adding a valid rapidshare file link. Personally I use jetdl to find rapidshare links as the links are validated there only. Once all links are added you are set to go. If you cancel download in between, the next time you can start the download using the same link added, but the download will start from beginning.

Things that you may not like about this application are, it does not provide the speed at which file is being download and only shows the status of the download, it has no configuration or settings so you cannot change the default location of files being downloaded. So I will suggest you to install it on a drive that contains large amount of free space if you download big files regularly.

Download: Rapidshare Multi File Downloader

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Vikash - April 23, 2010

Sourojit thanks for sharing this can you tell how to download rapidshare or megaupload files with IDM at a high speed


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