Download Partition Manager 10 for Virtual Machines with Serial Number

Partition Manager 10 for Virtual Machines is a complete solution for Virtual Hard disk management, Virtualization operations and cloning. It can backup/restore virtualized systems, re-partition and clone virtual disks, fix boot problems, optimize performance of NTFS and FAT file systems, etc.

For example
: If you have several partitions on a virtual disk. With the increase in number of installed applications, you will feel lack of free space so in such case you can easily redistribute free space between partitions of your virtual disk with one operation only.

How to Get Partition Manager 10 for Virtual Machines free Product key

You can get this software for free as a part of promotion. Go to promotional page, fill in the necessary details and you will receive Product key, User name and Serial number instantly. Download the software if you don’t have it already and enter the registration details received.

[alert-success] Promo still exists and is functioning properly. Checked on 27.7.2012[/alert-success]
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