Download Torrents from any Browser with Littleshoot

Littleshoot is a P2P plugin which allows you to download bittorent files right from your browser. It has been created by none other than the founders of Limewire. It is compatible with Windows and Mac PC’s and supports Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It even offers Gnutella and Youtube integration as an added bonus.

Install the client, visit any torrent site, click on a torrent download link – and Littleshoot starts do download the files in question right within your browser on a Web 2.0 style download page. The client even automatically starts a Flash-based audio player if you download an MP3 file, and files can be easily forwarded through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Littleshoot in action

Littleshoot in action

This plugin just adds the possibility to download Torrent files right from browser and fit for those who are less tech-savvy and ignorant about other clients. You will miss customization options like limiting the download and upload rate and not recommended for mass use but to obtain small file quickly without opening another download client.

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Narendra.s.v - March 14, 2009

Hi i tried Little shoot with firefox and i was able to download the torrent files more quickly and the interface looks sleek. I tried to download a mp3 file and the integrated audio player worked perfectly.
Thanks man

Abhishek - March 14, 2009

thanks for sharing !!
bitlet is one i use while i’m at my office !!

stanky leg - April 26, 2009

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Dan Mark - May 8, 2009

O thx for sharing this. This is a sweet plugin. I usually use utorrent but I am def going to check this out.. I dislike having to open my torrent everytime and close it.


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