How To Access And Download Torrents When ISP / Network Admin Blocks P2P Traffic

Torrents are most popular way to download Pirate Movies, Music and Software. This led to blocking of Torrent download and sites hosting them. Downloading in traditional way using Torrent client becomes impossible where network admin has blocked P2P traffic.

We already covered How to Access Blocked Websites at Work, School, College, etc. In this article, we will discuss on How to unblock and access Torrent sites or Public trackers and also download Torrents.

Unblock Torrent Sites

How to access Torrent Sites and Search Engines

First thing which ISP did (in India) is blocking major Torrent search engines like and many more including It can be unblocked and accessed to search and download torrents using following ways:

1. Change DNS

unblock torrent

Switch from ISP default DNS to Google DNS or Open DNS. You have to change Computer Network Connection settings to use their DNS Server addresses instead of default. This instantly unblocks access to all sites which were blocked by Court Orders.

2. Use Proxy

using proxy to bypass torrent blocking

This is popular solution and doesn’t need administrator privileges. Access the desired website to download torrents via Proxy servers. Quick Google Search to find Proxy sites will give you number of results for Proxy sites ( is my favorite). Go to Proxy site first and enter the URL you want to access i.e. Torrent site (

3. Use VPN

using vpn to download torrent

Virtual Private Networks is another solution quite sophisticated than using proxy. Not just accessing Torrent site but also it can be used to actually download Torrent using Torrent client on a network where P2P traffic is blocked. Free VPN are often unreliable and offer less speed. I personally use ibVPN to overcome country specific restrictions.

How to Download via Torrents when P2P Traffic is Blocked

This is a case of elevated restrictions on Torrents often seen in school, college, education institutes, office and at enterprise level. Here, even though you can access Torrent sites but torrent client won’t be able to download torrent when queued up because the Protocol is disabled.

This is the reason I suggested to enable Encryption in uTorrent while discussing uTorrent download speed increasing tips so that ISP couldn’t recognize the P2P traffic. But, there are chances that you are still detected on network and couldn’t download so, here are other ways to bypass this restriction.

1. Web Torrent Client – Bitlet

If you cannot download and install Torrent client or if P2P Torrent Traffic is blocked then use Torrent client Web UI in your web browser without installing anything.

1a. Java Based Web UI

web torrent client is a Java based Torrent client on Browser. Just upload .torrent file from local computer or enter URL where it is hosted and download begins.

1b. Browser Plugin

bypass blocked torrent download

Littleshoot is a P2P plugin which allows you to download bittorrent files right from your browser.

2. Download Torrent via HTTP

When P2P protocol isn’t supported, you can download torrent content to some server (remote computer) and then download that file via HTTP on your computer. You have two options to do that either setup your own seedbox (own server i.e. Virtual Private Server) or use dedicated services.

2a. Setting up Seedbox

seedbox setup

You need your own Hosting space with PHP support. There are scripts available to control Torrent downloading via Web UI remotely. For example: TorrentFux, ruTorrent, etc. Learn more about setting up Seedbox on Web Server.

2b. Using Dedicated Services

Torrenthandler is a web service which lets you download torrent content via HTTP. What they actually do is content is first downloaded on their servers and then you can download t via direct HTTP link using download managers.

http torrent downloader

ZbigZ is also a handy service to download torrent via HTTP. It also works on the same concept as Torrenthandler. The main advantage is the ease of use and support for free account. The download speed is pretty descent with resume support.

If in case you face trouble while putting the torrent link, just download the torrent file on your computer and upload it to ZbigZ. Download will start in a while as the file is downloaded to their servers.

Both of the above solutions guarantees anonymity, bypasses P2P Torrent restrictions and offers faster download as compared to direct torrent download which is mainly dependent on Seed Peer ratio.

If you are too much worried about Upload ratio only then there are services to increase ratio on torrent trackers without uploading.

I hope these solutions will unblock all P2P and Torrent download restriction on any ISP Network. Were you using something else somewhat more reliable than what I mentioned? Do let us know by commenting below.

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Alex - May 28, 2012

A very good and informative article. There is a wide choice for everybody indeed. I use SSH +Proxy with PirateRay application, that is compatible with major bittorrent clients.

Marco - May 29, 2012

Hi, instead of TorrentHandler, i know one website named
it’s the same, but user can choose either free service or premium service 🙂

    Sourojit Nandi - May 29, 2012

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. We have updated the post. 🙂

nixonkey - May 29, 2012

good idea thank you

Sunil - May 29, 2012

Ultrasurf is a simple and better option to Access And Download Torrents When ISP / Network Admin Blocks P2P Traffic.

    Sourojit Nandi - May 29, 2012

    When it comes to downloading, it does not give much speed. And in my case ultrasurf was crashing while i was trying to download through it. Its good for browsing though.

Ankur - May 29, 2012

Changing DNS would not work in most cases. A country filter should apply to all DNS levels.

    Sourojit Nandi - May 29, 2012

    Ya in that level of country filter, changing dns is of no use. But considering all cases like low level restrictions in institutes where they imply dns blocking, this can be used.
    In the worst case the best thing is to use TOR, but we didn’t consider using the application as the project forbids the use of p2p network and even the torrent download is slower.

srinu smart - June 2, 2012

hi rohit, i have a problem in downloading the torrents from bittorent. i have read the article. i’m having a net con. using a router. still i can’t able to download. plz help me. thanks

    Sourojit Nandi - June 2, 2012

    Can you give more details?
    Whats ur internet service provider?
    Are you not able to download torrent or open torrent site?
    Does all the methods specified in post failed?
    Have you tried downloading with proxy using ultrasurf or tor?

      srinu smart - June 3, 2012

      Mine is BSNL. Having a connection type by using wireless ADSL2 + Router. The connection was acquiring directly and no need of dialing it. I’m obtaining my IP address automatically. So I’m not able to follow the steps 1,2 & 3. I want to download it from bittorrent as I kept few downloads in it. But now I can’t able to download from bit torrent as it been blocked by our govt. Please give me suggestions to download from bit torrent. Thanks.

        Sourojit Nandi - June 3, 2012

        Ok, Then the only option left to you is download torrent as Http. You can use TOR, this will work anyhow but do read stuffs on TOR site. But using this application you will get very low speed, well that is understandable. What you need to do is install tor, start it, use for browser, it automatically sets browser proxy settings. see the proxy and port. Keep the application running, and use the same proxy and port in any client(say bit torrent) you use to download.
        I have tested it myself as my torrent download was blocked by college. Speed was around 30Kbps, well something is better than nothing.

          srinu smart - June 4, 2012

          OK dude, I’ll try it. Thanks for your reply.

srinu smart - June 6, 2012

Hi, Blogsolute fans one important thing.!
People who are using modems like (Wireless ADSL2 + Routers) like D-Link modems provided with BSNL connection, please dont not try to change or modify the IP address which they have provided to you. Some people will change to Google DNS or Open DNS. If you once try to change your IP address to Google DNS and apply it, then for few hours the net connection will disappears. It was happen to me. Because it obtains the IP address automatically so we cant back up our address. The service men came and scolded me for changing the address. They have told if once you change the address then the port will be set in default mode (reset’s when you change). So please do not change. Try only 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b. thanks

    Sourojit Nandi - June 6, 2012

    I think you didn’t get what I said in my earlier post.

    How does changing proxy address in browser change IP in IPV4 settings? What are you actually doing? And Google DNS is placed in DNS option in IPV4 setting below main IP, which has nothing to do with your Main IP Address.

    I too get internet through D-link modem.. I get Main IP automatically, if you temper that its Quite obvious you will not get internet as you are cut from BSNL or any Network that are using a particular IP address format. Like if i automatically get 172.17.300.20 .. I cannot entirely remove it, what i can do is just change my machine ID that is the last ” .20 ” That too may sometime conflict with anyone on network pre-allocated with the same IP. That’s why DHCP server allocates IP’s automatically to each user in network.
    Thats y the Serviceman scolded you.

    So we will not be changing Main IP from IPV4 settings. DO not touch it. The concept is, data gets encrypted from proxy server to outer world and vice-versa but it happens through your primary IP address that your network provides you. AS you are getting internet through it.

    Now what i told u is get Proxy from TOR or any proxy application, put it in application or browser proxy settings. Do not put it in IPv4 settings..

    If you change DNS only select ” Use the following DNS server address” In IPV4. DO not touch IP Option above.

Ashish Mundhra - June 7, 2012

More simple .. Works for me on Airtel and MTS .. Use https:// instead of http://

    Sourojit Nandi - June 9, 2012

    Yea, a good and simple option to open blocked torrent sites.

Kundan Bhardwaj - June 18, 2012

I have tried everything and nothing worked. However I will give it a try and get back to you , lets hope these work. Thanks for sharing.

    Rohit Langde - June 18, 2012

    Tricks mentioned here are tried and tested so, I am sure it will work for you. Good Luck Kundan!

Ajay - July 25, 2012

Well, this is what i needed. P2P networking is blocked in our college.
I guess this article will come real handy now. Thanks for sharing this.

Jacob melsom bjerke - September 16, 2012

I can download the torrents to my computer, but it won’t start downloading, like it was no internet connection, how do i make my torrent program(I use Vuze) to go around that block?

Anna Howart - January 7, 2013

I am using “Hotspot Shield” free VPN to Unblock Internet at School and to secure sensitive data. Also it is very safe, secure and works fine on my school system. It encrypts my network traffic securing sensitive information such as credit card information, important passwords, downloads and instant messages.

ihatetorrentblocks - January 22, 2013

Okay the wifi in my hostel blocks torrent traffic as well as downloading .torrent files. I was able to download .torrent files (and access blocked sites like youtube) using the Tor browser. But I’m not able to download torrents using my torrent client (uTorrent). I referred a couple of guides on the net and changed the utorrent settings accordingly.

Proxy type: socks5
port: 9050

But still I’m not able to download anything. I don’t know if this is of any importance, but the in the trackers tab, DHT says “waiting for announcement” and there are also a couple of messages like “proxy connect error” and “connection timed out”. Is there any way to fix this? Please help!!

OMGthanks - March 7, 2013

After 3 years of fruitless search i found a way for bypassing torrent P2P traffic…..thx a lot man…keep it up 🙂


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