Download TV Series / Shows Torrents and Keep them Update Automatically

Every one of you out there watch TV Shows regularly, but the working ones do miss a lot. So they download their soaps from torrents and watch them in their free time, but the task of finding torrents or updates for your soap becomes a tiresome work. You have to thoroughly search for a torrent having a good quality which meets your requirements.

Not only is that the task on managing them is also tiresome. With DBTV all the above tasks become a piece of cake.

What is DBTV?

DBTV is a portable application that downloads TV Shows or Soaps torrent. It scans your default soap folder and then checks them one by one to find the name, episode and seasons. It then automatically downloads the torrent for the newer episodes for that particular soap. Not only that, you can even add soap manually and it will find the episodes for it.

Organize Existing TV Series

First scan your soap folder, by choosing File and then clicking Scan Folder. The list of your soaps will appear in a drop-down list.



Keep TV Shows updates

You can download the new episode by choosing the Next Show option at the bottom of the Window. When you choose the Next Show option you will be asked to update your episode list, kindly do that.


When your episode list is updated to the episode you want to download click Download option to download the torrent.  Click ok to download the torrent and now you can download the episode with any torrent downloader.


If you want to add any soap manually, you can do so by going to option File and then choosing Add Show.



Now, you just have to enter the name of the soap. After it you’ll be prompted to enter the season you want to download torrent for.



Note: During the downloading of the torrent the DBTV application may look like it’s not responding. Don’t worry about that as its running some internal commands at that time.

From my point of view this application is good, fast and simple to use.

Supported Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7

Type: Free

Download DBTV

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umesh - October 13, 2011

pls update usfull stuff..

yogi - October 23, 2011

useful information …
Is it also gives Indian serials.????

Avi - October 31, 2011

You can get anything available on torrent sites.

Aniket Bhende - November 30, 2011

hi Rohit Good Work Man !

Delpha Jenious - October 9, 2012

I always love watching tv shows that are funny and tv shows that are full of action.


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