Download Windows Freewares and Track Giveaways with FreeApps

The moment I see the tag Freeware next to any application I am already halfway in love with the application. When ever we search for any software solution online our first preference is that the software must be free to use. There are many software recommending websites but spotting freeware application altogether is a tedious task. To make your job a little easier here is a desktop application to track and download freeware application easily right from your desktop.


Talking about FreeApps, its a desktop application that provide you freeware software solution for day-to-day computing tasks. For your convenience the software are categorized into browsers, antivirus, file sharing, office software etc with users rating and a brief information regarding the application and its area of use. All you need to do is find the best application that suits your needs and hit the download button

Apart form providing freeware application it also keeps track of outdated software installed on your system and gives you recommended suggestions. It also provides a Giveaway software lists for the users.

Download: FreeApps

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