Drag Most used Shortcuts in Shortcutter for easy access

Generally, we keep necessary shortcuts for Files, Folders or application on Desktop but while working on some other program or Browsing and at the same time, you want to open Notepad or Photoshop for complementary work then ShortCutter or a Dock can be useful.

HDShortcutter is one such app which can manage all you regularly used application shortcuts and most commonly opened Folders or Drives. It offers easy access to all those shortcuts in very elegant way with 3D rise Hovering effects. Practically, any of your shortcuts can be placed in it by just Drag and Drop.


As shown in the screenshot, You can place this dock on any position on screen (Right, Left, Top or Bottom). I would recommend keeping it on Left because that part is commonly unused (at least in my case 🙂 )

My Verdict

I have used Dell Dock before this but it seemed bulky to me while HDShortcutter is very light-weight, portable (no need to install), just a 1MB direct run, standalone application. However, you cannot change hovering effects and Color skins but 3D rise and transparent background will suit almost any Combination.

Download: HDShortcutter

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