Draw, Mark and Write on Google Maps to Share and Save for Tours

Suppose you are planning a trip on a vacation and you have to work out details of going places, Google Maps is a best option but when you the same to be understood by tour mates who will be joining on a trip, Drawing, Placing markers and text on maps will help them understand easily.

Draw Write mark on Google Maps

So, to scribble on Google Maps, Scribble Maps is an excellent service. You can mark, highlight and add notes in form of text on the places while working out a tour. Not only drawing on Google Maps- it allows you to share, send, Print and save it on PC in various formats for easy referring.

In short, you can Draw shapes on Maps, Write Text and Place markers on important places. Save them as JPG image or KML/GPX. Share on Facebook and send to your friends via Email or Print for ready reference.

Site: Scribble Maps

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