Change, Assign, Rename and Manage Drive Letters on Windows

Windows assigns Drive Letters to each Hard Drive Partitions / DVD Drives or any USB storage connected. They are generally maintained in alphabetical order till they remained connected to system.

Considering above scenario, Here I present a Drive Letter Management Software called DriveLetterView. It lists all the Drives (Local / Network or Portable whether connected or not Connected) so you can perform operations on them.

Drive Letter Management Software

Looking at the image above, it is clear that not just drive letters but also it states other interesting background information such as the type of drive and the name, description, and the ID and then export all of the information obtained.

Among other interesting features offered by DriveLetterView be counted then there is the possibility to change the assignment of drive letters to different (though note that in this case, the software must necessarily be executed with administrator privileges), acting directly using the context menu or, alternatively, using the F9 key.

Download DriveLetterView

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